Friday, March 16, 2012

Recent Accessories Haul

Two days in a row! Wow I'm on fire! LOL!!

Let's talk about BLING! LOL! I love accessories! I think they can totally make or break an outfit. My favourites are usually statement pieces as I don't normally layer accessories. However, I do think that layering them is very fashionable, but it is not my style.

I've been thinking about doing this post for quite some time but haven't found a real worthy piece that I can blog about, until yesterday! Janice from chaigyaru invited me to a product launch yesterday that happened to have a market outside the venue. The market is called Bizarre Bazaar. She left me for about 10 minutes and I decided to shop! (Oh, boy) I came back with two items from Lotus Mendes.

I love the colors!! The neon green is so eye-catching and different. Definitely going to be one of my favorites rings to wear! I love the tribal-vintage feeling of the bangle as well. Great for daily wear and night wear as well.

The next items are from a jewelry stand at Bankstown Centro. They have lots of choices of necklaces and rings. These two are the ones that I decided to pick up.

I forgot how much are they but they are quite affordable. As you can see, I love my golds lol. I don't know why I am always attracted to gold rather than silver. I've been wearing this ring almost everyday, because it matches every outfit I wear. Loving it!

I went to Glebe Markets about 2 weeks ago just to "look around" and of course I didn't just look around haha. I bought two rings, well technically it's my boyfriend that bought them hehe.

Isn't the cat ears the cutest ever?! It's cute and edgy at the same time. And I can sort of protect myself with it, because my friend told me it hurts if I punch someone while wearing it lol. Finally something different. A little bit of feminism in me haha. It's a simple and pretty going-out ring. 

Accessories have been making my outfits a lot more interesting, so my love to them will never die hahaha. 

Share with me your favourite pieces of jewelry, I'd love to know! :)



  1. Great haul, I love every accessory you purchased! I also really like the heading on your blog, very creatively done! I just followed!
    xx, Kels

    1. hehe thanks! i just followed too xx

      my friend Jean made that for me hehe shes very sweet!

  2. love the neon and cat ears rings!! :)

  3. i luv the 2 rings you got from Glebe Markets...the cat's ears are soooooooo cute...and i luv the 2nd even more because its very different, edgy but still chic at the sametime..and also super easy to match outfit~~


  4. I am in love with the little ears one! I think it is sooooo cute!

    ps. I started following you! your blog is super nice! has a lot of great content! <3