Monday, February 27, 2012

Review and Swatches: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Hi everyone! This is going to be my first review! Hope you guys will find it helpful :)

I've won the Lip Butter from a competition held by The Makeup Box Shop on Facebook. I have never won anything on any type of competition but my hope never dies lol, so I entered the competition by simply telling which state of Australia I'm living in. And who the hell expected for me to win?! I certainly didn't! I was beyond excited, so I decided that I want my first review to be this Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter.


The Color that I've won is in Pink Truffle. As it is the color number one, I've heard that it is the most popular one amongst the 20 colors that they have (yay for varieties!)

Pink Truffle can be described as dusky pink. It won't be my first choice if I am buying it myself, but I am not complaining coz I am already very grateful! 

The product

The packaging itself looks quite cheap as the cap is made by plastic, however the silver tube does make it feel more classy and sophisticated. I am not a fan of the transparent cap though, I find it weird looking (yea I'm weird like that).

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

What Revlon claims about their Lip Butter:

- Buttery Balm + Shiny Color
- Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.


As I first put it on my lips, I was amazed by how moisturised my lips feel and looks shiny instantly. I can see myself falling in love with it already! The color looks very natural on the lips and it is definitely a everyday lip color that will suit everybody. It lasts on my lips for about a couple hours, which is considered good, because I drink water quite often throughout the day, so my lipsticks tend to fade easily. 

In action

I'm really liking this Lip Butter and the color is growing on me faster than I expected. With the quality and pigmentation, I would totally recommend this product. Too bad Lip Butter is not yet available in Australia, but I heard they are coming! So stay tune! :)

Rating: 4/5
Disclaimer: Product is won from a competition held by The Makeup Box Shop.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cosmopolitan x Priceline Beauty Workshop

Hi All!

Last Thursday, I was invited to a Beauty Workshop created by Cosmopolitan and Priceline. It was held in Pitt St mall, near Zara. The workshop was held in Melbourne and Brisbane as well. 

At first, I didn't know what to expect, because I never been to one before, but an event held by Cosmo and Priceline can't be wrong, so I decided to go and asked my pretty friend Jeanice to go with me. I was so looking forward to this event the whole day I was at work. Hehe.

Public but intimate

The stage

And look who I met! So happy to see them again! :D

Tram and Alice

Before the event started, Helen Dowsley, world renowned makeup artist, asked if I would like to come on stage and she'll do hollywood themed makeup on me. I was quite hesitant at first, but Jean said yes for me and Helen was like "there you go, your friend is answering for you!" I was so nervous yet excited! :D
So here I go!

My awkward smile

what am i doing -__-

It was such a fun and different experience! I tried to act cool the whole way, I think I did a pretty good job hahaha. 

They asked another girl to do colour-blocking makeup and GHD for hairstyling too.

And...drumroll!! The host was Cosmopolitan's Beauty Editor, Leigh Campbell! She is sooo gorgeous in person! 

So pretty!
The event was mainly about sharing makeup tips and tricks. I learned some really helpful ones, so I'd like to share it here too.

When Helen applied foundation on my face, she didn't apply all over my face, instead she applied on just in the middle area on my face, mainly on my t-zone and then blend it out evenly. Especially if you just want to touch up on your makeup after having a long day. My face looked fresher without feeling heavy on makeup!

Leigh also talked about applying fake lashes on top of our actual lashes not on the skin. That will make the fake lashes more natural.

She also mentioned the newest trend of makeup, which is colour blocking. It is okay to wear two bold colours at the same time, just like colour blocking your clothes.

The most important tips in my opinion is to practice as much as you can. Makeup is about experimenting and practice makes perfect!

Pretty Jean :)

Now, what's that bag that we were carrying? It was a bag full of goodies! They were so heavy but looking at them made me feel so excited!

There are so many products in there that I really can't wait to try! For example, the VS Sassoon Curl Magic, Nads Eyebrow Shaper, Revlon Photoready Primer, 1000Hour Nail Foils, and so much more!

Overall, I was so glad that I went to the event and I hope Cosmo and Priceline can have more of similar events in the future! Do go check Cosmo's latest issue that comes with Priceline beauty book for free! I've always loved reading Cosmopolitan, it is one of the best magazines out there in my opinion, and Priceline is just a heaven for beauty junkies (needless to say that).

Last but not least, I managed to get a photo with Leigh and Helen! YAY!!

I'm the lucky bitch! :D

Thanks for reading and following my blog, my lovelies!

I really appreciate all of u! :D


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

With Flash
Without Flash

Zara dress, Tony Bianco heels, Collette clutch, vintage accessories

they make me smile non-stop XD
The makeup

excuse my rabbit teeth
his smile makes everything worthwhile :)

what a poser :p

Our fooood! :D
Me with my swordfish fillet

Him with his new bling :D
Thanks baby <3
It was a perfect night!
The night view
Hope all you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I know I had a perfect one! I am so lucky that I found my boyfriend, couldn't ask for more! :D

How was your Valentine's Day? Share with me, would you? :)



Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Makeup Box Shop Order

Hi guys! How was everyone's weekend? Can't believe another has gone past already!

Just a short post about my order from The Makeup Box Shop. A quick introduction about the shop, they are based in Queensland and specialized in makeup storage. Their storages are mainly made of acrylic, which is what attracted me at first.

I placed an order on Monday and got them delivered two days later! How fast was that! I was definitely impressed by their professionalism on that. I ordered the brush holder and foundation blending sponge set. I have been wanting to have a nice brush holder, so that I can keep them tidy and clean, and I have always wanted to try the foundation blending sponge, because a lot of beauty bloggers and youtubers have been raving about it. I am not sure if they are exactly the same as the Sephora ones but they do the same job so I guess let's give it a try!

I was quite surprised how small the brush holder is as there were no exact measurements on the website, nevertheless it still fits 4 big brushes and 4 small ones. The quality is great, as the acrylic is quite think so it doesn't look cheap nor feel cheap.

love the beads :D

My favourite brushes!

I can't wait to try the foundation sponge! I hope it is as amazing as everyone said!

Overall, I am satisfied with the products and their delivery service as there were no dramas at all during the ordering and delivery process. I would totally recommend you guys checking their website out and their products as well.

That's all for now! Thank you for reading my blog guys! Really appreciate it! :D

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you guys will (try to) enjoy the coming Monday! 

Disclaimer: All products are purchased by me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Launch

Hi guys! How is your week going so far?

Last Tuesday, I was so lucky that I could attend Clean and Clear Morning Burst Launch at Ivy Pool Bar! All thanks to Jeanice! Really wanna thank her :) Anyways, this event was held quite early, I got up at 6:45 to make sure I have enough time to get ready (thanks to my bed hair!) I met up with Jean at around 8:45 at Wynyard Station and we went straight to Ivy Pool Bar and turned out we were early, which happens rarely in my life! lol.

We went inside and were soooo amazed by the colour coordination of the event. The venue was decorated with mainly two colours, which are yellow and light blue.

in love!

So Clean and Clear! :D

beautiful table decoration with real fruits and vegies!

We were greeted by Johnson&Johnson's (which is the company that carries Clean and Clear) extremely friendly staffs. I was so nervous actually, but they really helped me feel relaxed a little bit. We then went to get some coffee and tea and were offered some finger food. While we were wondering around like two clueless dumbs(at least I was), Alisha greeted us and talked to us briefly, well actually Jean was the one who did all the talking, I was still very shy haha. Alisha is the brand manager, the master brain behind Johnson&Johnson *claps for superwomen*! 

After a bit, Jean saw two girls who are beauty bloggers too, Tram and Alice! They are the nicest girls, I swear! Jean was so excited to see them and me too to meet them! :D And they encouraged me to start this blog too! Made me feel so welcomed! Here is a pic of us together taken by Jean. Aren't they gorgeous! Love Alice's long hair and Tram's pure asian face is just to die for! :D

Alice, Tram and I :)
The main event started after a while with the host introducing special guests on the stage. They were Alisha, professional MUA Yolanda Lukowski, R&D expert Sharon Dowling and last but definitely not the least is Channel [V] host Carissa Walford. 

They introduced about the products which are the new Shine Control Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub and Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub, both are from the Morning Burst range. The products are created based on the teenagers' stressful lifestyle nowadays. As I can still recall the days of me being a teenager, I can definitely relate to these products and find them helpful. The name itself pretty much explained how the products work, the fresh and citrus scents of the products can instantly wake you up after late nights or early mornings.

I have actually tried the original Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and is on my second bottle now. I have to say that this product does impress me and do the job perfectly, hence the second bottle. I can't wait to try the other two!

Before we left, Jean took a photo of Carissa and me! She is so pretty! So nervous taking photo with her hahaha :D

Carissa and me! XD

Taken by Jean

Hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoy writing it! :D

Have a lovely week, see you soon!