Saturday, February 4, 2012

Priceline Haul

Hi everyone! How is everyone's weekend so far? Hope you are ready for my second blogpost! :D Yesterday I went to Priceline at World Square just to find a good shampoo for my dandruff (eek! :( I know!), but it is Priceline and they are having a huge sale so of course I came home with more than I originally planned!

First of all is the shampoo that I needed! I used it once already and I can already feel the effect! My scalp is less itchy and feel fresher! It costs me A$13.99 for 100ml, quite expensive but I know this is a good anti-dandruff shampoo so it's totally worth it!

Thumbs up!

Still at the shampoo alley, I spotted a shampoo that said "Oatmeal Shampoo", it immediately caught my attention! I know that oatmeal is really good for the skin thanks to Bubzbeauty! So I quickly grabbed the shampoo, read through the description which said that it's "for a dry, itchy or sensitive scalp", double yay!! This is what I needed too! I have never heard of the brand, Dermaveen, before but still I decided pick up the shampoo and conditioner as well and as a bonus, they are 20% off! Woohoo!


The next thing that I bought is the Garnier CleanDetox Cleansing Wipes. I have used this product before and I really liked it. It doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't burn my eyes either. Plus it has the anti-oxidants and detoxifying as well. I am currently using the Dove one just to compare them, but since Garnier is on discount, I decided to buy one just to stock up. A girl can never miss a good deal, right? :p


For skin care, I needed a new body cream because mine ran out. My friend, Sherly, recommended me Redwin's Vitamin E cream after I told her I want a non-sticky cream and absorbs quickly into my skin. She is quite a beauty junkie as well so I didn't doubt her at all and bought the cream.

ONLY A$3.99 for 300g!! XD

I bought Nivea Creme as well, just to have something that I can throw in my bag and moisturise my skin whenever I need to. Nivea Creme has been around for ages so it's definitely a good product!

Going to make-up, I didn't buy much, in fact I only bought one thing. BUT! This thing contains three other things! LOL! I have always wanted to try L'Oreal Color Infaillable eyeshadow, because I've heard quite a few good reviews on it. So I was browsing through L'oreal, found the eyeshadow but quite bummed when they're not on sale, because I want to get more than one. However, thanks to my 'lihai' eyes hahaha I spotted a box that has the eyeshadow, a lipstick and a mascara! I was so excited and it's only A$39 dollars, such a great deal, and then I saw a sign that said it's on sale for only A$15!!! What a steal hahaha! That just made my day! :D Unfortunately, I threw out the box already, but I'm sure it's easy to find it at the L'Oreal station.

no.015 Flashback Silver

Lash Architect 4D Mascara

Rose Guava
I spent A$61.23 in total for 7 items so I am a happy girl! :D Thanks for the sale Priceline! I had a great time shopping there! Oh, and the SA there are very friendly as well, considering how busy Priceline can get! :)

That's all for today, guys! Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you want me to review any of the products in details! 

See you soon!

Disclaimer: All products are purchased by me.


  1. Please keep an update on the dandruff shampoo . I would really like to know the results Thx.

    1. Hi Trung,

      Will do. Thanks for your comment :)


  2. Great second blogpost hun x
    I must try the vitamin E! Heard it's good to fade scars and whatnot because I still have some mozzies bite I got from Indo :( SOB.

    Thanks for the great review <3 You're a natural!
    See you on Tuesday x

    1. Thanks baby! The cream itself didn't say anything about fading scars but if it really does then YAY! hahaha. It's a very nice cream though, not greasy at all! Mozzies in indo are the worst I know! Dont worry they'll go away :)

      Thanks again baby!